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Grind Athletics has changed my life and confidence. Before meeting Melissa I was in a workout rut for the first time in my life. I was always an active person and really into fitness. Then I got lazy and life became more busy and I chose other things then the gym. It felt more like a chore then fun with little results. For the last three years when I started to gain weight and loose muscle and motivation Grind Fitness came into my life a year ago and I haven't looked back since. It is amazing how every boot camp I become stronger and stronger doing thinks I never thought I could. I started to see definition in my arms and legs and with eating right my stomach (which was my problem area) began to shrink and yes there are muscles under that fat! Melissa is a true motivator, excellent trainer and friend. I still have more hard work ahead of me and I don't see me stopping this fun and killer journey any time soon!
Group Fitness/ 1-1 PT Client
Thank you for challenging me to do things I never thought possible at my age 🙂
Group Fitness Client
I was a Division I athlete for 4 years & after my sport ended, I let myself relax a little. I went to Melissa with my concerns and she knew what I needed almost immediately. Melissa was realistic about my results, kept telling me all the hard work would pay off, and she was right. She takes extra pride in her work and always has her clients best interest at heart
1-1 PT Client
With hundreds of exercise programs out there glad to have chosen a winner. I’ve been with Grind Athletics for four months and it has been one amazing ride. Trainer Melissa is dedicated to the health and welfare of her clients. She genuinely helps you reach your goal(s) and is receptive to any adjustments that may come up during your journey. Trainer Melissa takes into account one’s strengths, at the same time improves on one’s inadequacies. Her individual training plan for me has been challenging. Every workout session has been eventful and action-packed, exploiting my true potentials I never knew I had. I’ve learned so many new techniques that has added more range of motion into my exercises. Results has been as anticipated. Grind Athletics is exceptionally a top-notch company.
1-1 PT Client - Military Personnel
Being a cancer survivor and health coach I know how important it is to keep my body moving. I train to compete my dressage horse and that takes core strength and fitness. After my initial consultation with Melissa I knew she understood how to help a 67-year -old integrate a routine that would coordinate everything I needed. We made a plan and both of us are committed to being consistent and making me stronger. Without a trainer taking me that one step further, backing me, and stretching my limitations, this was not going to happen. Melissa is prepared, positive, and perceptive every minute she is with you. I would define her GRIND as a “Great Routine Integrating Natural Drive”!
1-1 PT Client
I was pleased to find a personal trainer who emobodied a militaristic spirit, Melissa. She found a routine that worked for me and helped me not only work hard, but push past old boundaries. I increased my army physical fitness score into the 84th percentile and breezed through the PA State Police test.
1-1 PT Client, Army National Guard
Melissa is the best trainer I've ever had! She really cares and is there for you 24/7!
Group Fitness/ 1-1 PT Client